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New Build Snagging Ltd are snagging specialists with a wealth of experience in construction. Our team has a collective 25 years of experience in the construction industry, meaning that we know exactly what to look for when carrying out new build snagging in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. We'll ensure that all minor and major snags you may or may not have missed are identified and recorded, to ensure that these are rectified effectively and correctly by the house-builder, to give you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. All of our professional snagging in Oxfordshire is carried out in accordance with the New Homes Quality Code, laid out by the New Homes Ombudsman, ensuring comprehensive service.

To find out more about what this entails, read on below.

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The New Homes Ombudsman & the New Homes Quality Code


What is the New Homes Ombudsman?

The New Homes Ombudsman is a service that homebuyers can access in the event that the new build home they're considering has not been completed to an appropriate level of quality. If you've bought a home and are unhappy or frustrated with the work done by the developer, the New Homes Ombudsman can review your case and decide whether it is in violation of the New Homes Quality Code.


What is the New Homes Quality Code?

The New Homes Quality Code is a code of practice, developed by the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB). This code of conduct looks to protect the customer, to a greater degree, in various aspects of the sales, inspection and construction spheres of industry. The new code will fill gaps in current protections, ensuring complete coverage for the customer at every point. For example, high-pressure selling is now outlawed and all deposits paid to builders are protected under this code.

The code also sets out requirements for a “fair reservation agreement,” as well as sales contracts that include a reasonable “cooling off” period after a purchase has been made.

What this means for us, here at New Build Snagging Ltd, is that you, as a customer, are now able to employ our professional snagging in Oxfordshire before moving into an incomplete, poorly finished or, in the worst cases, dangerous home. We can complete this pre-completion for you, in good time and at affordable rates.

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How Do the Ombudsman and the NHQC work together?

The point of these two working together is to make you, the customer, feel confident and empowered when you buy your home, where high-quality service, in accordance with strict industry standards, are delivered at all times.


What happens if the New Homes Ombudsman rules a breach of the New Homes Quality Code?

If the New Homes Ombudsman rules that the completed works are in violation of the New Homes Quality Code, the owner can submit a formal complaint. This will result in the developer being ordered to redress, either paying compensation to the customer or being expelled from the New Homes Quality Board scheme outright.


When can I make a complaint to the New Homes Ombudsman?

Complaints can be made at any point within the first two years of having purchased your new build home. This covers the actual issues with the property, as well as the quality of the work of the developer, as well as their conduct in the event of a complaint being made.


Why has the need for the New Homes Ombudsman arisen?

Usually, in the first two years following a new property's completion, repairs and fixes fall under what's known as the “defect liability period.” It is your developer's responsibility to set these right, yet warranty providers often carry them out on the builder's behalf. The issues usually occur from three to ten years after the completion of the building work, where the warranty provides insurance cover against the cost of repairing only specific defects.


Snagging before completion – what are my options?

If you're looking for professional snagging in Oxfordshire, then New Build Snagging Ltd can help. We have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, affording us in-depth knowledge of the construction process. That, combined with our meticulous attention to detail, ensures the best service.

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